President's Letter

from the March, 2017 CCRA news


Wow! What an interesting winter/spring and not from just the weather! Rumors abound about threats to our industry. What is most disturbing is that many of those rumors may become fact, although I have just learned that making source of income a protected criteria has failed in this legislative session—for now.

Yes, the challenges of owning residential rentals seem to be increasing. We must present an active and united front to our city, county, and state legislators. They must clearly understand the impact of the advocated proposals. If we don’t, we will be swamped by tenant unions and non-profit housing supporters demanding action. Those end goals of increasing availability and reducing rents are laudable. However, they are trying to use legislation to fix the housing crisis. Legislatively requiring landlords to fix a situation they did not create is unrealistic. Legislative solutions often have unintended consequences. It appears there is little consideration of the impact of these new laws on landlords. What is really disturbing is tenants will face higher rents & deposits that will result.

I just received the following example from Quinn Posner, our CCRA attorney. This refers to a law in Seattle that recently went into effect that limits all deposits including pet deposits. According to the Washington Multifamily Housing Association, this new legislation outlaws pet deposits in apartments (or all residential rentals?) inside the Seattle City limits. This new requirement apparently restricts total deposits and fees to one month’s rent. It forces the landlord to attempt to collect for damages including pet damage after the fact instead of in advance.

At some time in the future, we may need to contact you immediately. If an emergency arises, you will want to be informed. Please make sure that we have your current email address. Just send an email to editor@ccrawa.org so we can ensure you receive any important messages quickly.

With the new communication technologies we now have available, the board has decided to enhance how we communicate with our members. The newsletter has historically been the primary source of information about upcoming speakers and events. That is no longer as necessary as in the past. We now have the website, a phone blast, and an email blast as new ways to provide more timely reminders of upcoming events. For example, delays in receiving the newsletter due to snow, rain, sickness, equipment failure are becoming less critical. Part of this effort is to additionally create a more forward-looking image that will attract new landlords and keep current members more fully informed.

You may have noticed that last month’s issue was labeled as the January/February issue. Don’t be confused! There will be 12 issues each year, only arriving earlier. This present issue is labeled as the March issue and it will place more emphasis on the March dinner meeting so we can plan ahead more effectively.

Another change to our dinners this year is that the dinner reservation deadline has been changed from Friday by 5:00 PM to the Wednesday before by 5:00 PM. This will meet Club Green Meadows’ new requirement to place their food supplies order by an earlier deadline.

Did you notice that the last and this newsletter are larger due to additional pages? Our new board member Leinani has hit the road running. We have several new advertisers and so have been able to increase the size. This way we can include more articles of relevance to us as landlords. Do check out the new advertisers. If you have a need for any of their services, call them and let them know you saw them in the CCRA newsletter.

In bringing this article to a conclusion, my final topic will be to ask you to take special note of the upcoming Landlord Training Day on May 6 and sign up for it now. More information is elsewhere in the newsletter AND on the website. Be sure to check it out and register.