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A couple of items that I’d like to share with you with winter upon us … I had an inch of snow last week. Did not stay long but it’s rearing its ugly head early.

Break the Habit of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Each winter, people get carbon monoxide poisoning from the same source— warming cars in garages. With winter sweeping our area, more people are going to be warming their cars before dashing off to work. From inside the house, they click their key fob and start the car without even going out to the garage/carport.

One of the most insidious characteristics of carbon monoxide poisoning is that victims have no idea they are being poisoned. Why? Because carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas. It’s a deadly by-product of incomplete combustion in cold engines. When cold engines first start, they run rich, which can fill a garage full of deadly gases in just a few minutes, even with the garage door open.

If your rental unit has an attached garage, this is especially a dangerous problem, since the gases can quickly enter the residence and will remain there for many hours, poisoning any occupants.

The best thing to do is to open the garage door, start the engine and move the car out, then immediately close the door. This will minimize the likelihood of poisoning. Also, be mindful that exhaust can enter into adjacent units.

Be sure to remind your renters of this deadly problem and be sure that their carbon monoxide detector is working. How many of your renters have removed or disconnected the carbon monoxide alarm because it makes noise, or the little ones are playing with it? I send a notice twice a year when the clocks change, to remind my renters to change the batteries and to notify me if their carbon monoxide detector is working. This little step avoids injury and the liability that follows.

On a lighter note …

“The Home is Haunted”

A week after signing a one-year lease and moving into a home, the renters wanted their $2,250 security deposit back, claiming the home is haunted. The renters, Chinchilla and Roxy, claimed they heard footsteps, slamming doors, and a voice that told them to “GET OUT!” They also said their clothes were mysteriously strewn all over the bedroom.

If this sounds like something you’d see on TV, you’d be right. After the landlord said boo to returning their security deposit, the renters went to court. But not just any court: “The Peoples’ Court.” The judge ruled the renters must forfeit their deposit and pay three months’ rent to the landlord.


Well, I’m getting ready for TRENDS on the 29th. We (Sue and Lora) will join you on the 29th at the CCRA General Meeting from Seattle. And HOORAY, Chester Baldwin will be our Speaker!! Can’t wait for his insight!!