President's Letter

from the May, 2018 CCRA news


Time is getting short for reserving your seat at the June 2nd Landlording 101 seminar. We have 6 knowledgeable speakers lined up. They will talk about various topics of importance to both new and experienced landlords. You can mail your information and a check to our new address at PO Box 362, Vancouver, WA 98666. Don’t want to use snail-mail? You can pay online with a credit card. Go to and follow the links to pay. You want to attend this seminar!
Have you done your good deed this year to help out Habitat for Humanity? Don’t forget they require a significant contribution from those who receive their services. As a landlord I prefer to give a hand-up rather than a hand-out. As such they are one of my preferred non-profits dedicated to help the less-fortunate.
Have you been out to their Restore facility off Mill Plain by I-205 recently? At this facility they both take in donations and sell them at very attractive prices. They are always looking for more construction donations. Doing a kitchen remodel? Replacing fixtures that still work but look outdated? These and more are excellent items for their use. If you happen to need something they have for sale, you could save a bundle. I have.
If you don’t have surplus materials, consider donating time and energy. In 2017 Habitat at this location received more than 10,000 hours of volunteer time. A few hours from CCRA members would add to the pot. If you’re a landlord who maintains your own units, you’ve got many tools AND skills that could certainly be put to good use. Consider doing some good things for Habitat so Habitat can continue to do good things for the community.
How often do you visit your rentals? Or do you just never get around to it? Most advice on this issue is inspections should be conducted twice-yearly. Why are the recommendations so uniform? Because regularly inspecting will always provide advance warning of long-term damage occurring to your property (that many tenants will not tell you about). When I do my walk-throughs I always emphasize that I am there just to make sure the building is sound (no leaks, no broken windows, no mold, etc.) I am not visiting to see how good they are at housekeeping. Reassure your tenants this is for their benefit and you want them to enjoy living in a safe and secure home.
The CCRA Board is looking for a “few good men and women.” The association could use some help with advertising, representing us to the state-wide WLA organization, and finding a lower-cost phone system. Experienced members of the board are offering mentoring if you have time but feel unsure about how to help out. If you have a couple of extra hours a week, we could sure make use of them. Even if you don’t feel you have anything to offer, we appreciate any additional thoughts and ideas to help out.