President's Letter

from the January, 2018 CCRA news


Welcome to a year filled with challenges and opportunities!

Over the next 60 days or so, our legislature will be addressing many issues affecting the State of Washington. It is highly likely our property taxes will increase. The legislature may also add a brand new state-wide capital gains tax. If you know landlords who are not CCRA members, advise them bills will be submitted this year to allow rent control. We all need to be informed, involved, and vocal.

Last month I mentioned that our dinner costs have increased. I have since received questions asking if we had considered other options or location venues. Unfortunately there are few restaurants with adequate private available space at a convenient location. Their prices are higher. The board discussed moving to a low-cost location with adequate meeting space, but no food. In the past, other sister organizations have experimented but with little success: attendance declined. The feeling was that lower attendance would not do justice either to our members or our community. We welcome the concern that has been expressed.

We continue to look for more landlords willing to assist in running CCRA. We are short a CPA to prepare our annual tax statement. We need someone who will manage our Facebook page on a daily basis. Roger Silver is considering stepping down as membership manager as soon as a replacement can be found. At dues renewal time of year, it takes much time and a couple of folks to handle the work. Blain and Cheryl can always use another voice at the quarterly Washington Landlord Association (WLA) board meetings. In order to continue to provide our historical level of service to you—or even improve it—we need a few of you to come forward and offer to help out.

The deadline for making your reservation for this month’s dinner meeting is January 24th. The speaker is Aaron Dawson CPA from Opsahl Dawson Certified Public Accountants. His topic is a very timely discussion of tax planning issues to assist in preparing our IRS reports due April 17th this year.

Looking ahead, Lora Janssen has lined up a series of important topics through this spring. We will be hearing about collection services, fire safety, a panel discussion, and arbitration. Please let me know if there is a key topic you would like to hear about.

Speaking (actually writing) about key topics, we have begun planning our 2018 Landlording 101 training day for early May. Patty would welcome any volunteers in organizing it.

Like I wrote at the beginning, this is shaping up to be a year filled with opportunity. Let’s do everything we can to take best advantage of those opportunities.