President's Letter

from the July, 2018 CCRA news


By the time you receive this issue of the newsletter you will realize that June’s edition was late. Sometimes life gets in the way, especially when we are all volunteers. I hope you understand and will give us a pass.

June was a tough month as we lost two of our Board Members, Cheryl Cowley and Gregg Denning. Both contributed immeasurably to CCRA’s success over the years. In our quarterly meetings with the City Manager and members of his staff, Cheryl was always prepared with facts to support her (our) position. Gregg filled a different need. He was always looking for ways to expand the influence of landlords in this challenging time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both of their families. We are lesser without them.

This brings me to the “Elephant-in-the-Room” issue. As I expressed in last month’s President’s message, we need more members to volunteer. If no one from our membership is able to assist the board, the Association is in trouble. We’ve lost key members and need help. It’s time for a few of our 300 members to offer to help.

One example of a need is advertising. This does not require going out and finding advertisers. The primary focus is serving our current advertisers. Make sure they remain current, are satisfied with their ads and, if not, help them communicate with Jeff. We do not have the bandwidth to monitor advertisers’ status.

If you have been involved in rentals for several years, consider volunteering as a mentor. Again, this is a position that will receive a lot of support from other experienced members. As you progress you will find that in mentoring you will learn how to handle your own rentals more effectively.

We currently have 12 positions on the board. Several board members are actually filling 2 (or more) positions. And a couple of other positions are vacant—like advertising.
One opportunity for someone familiar with internet phone service, would be to help replace our antiquated, poor quality system. I think it could be completed in a short month or two.

Now that I have outlined where we have shortages, there is a positive to bring up. Lora Janssen (Speaker Chairperson) had to step down due to demands of her profession. We owe many thanks to her. She did a wonderful job finding and encouraging speakers for our monthly dinner meetings. Should you see her, thank her for all the work she did for us. At our most recent board meeting CarolLee Braithwaite volunteered to take Lora’s position and the board appointed her as the Speaker Chair.

If you do any of your own maintenance, our topic for this month’s dinner meeting is one you will not want to miss. Have you been stopped trying to enter the Waste Recycling facility and asked for proof your building materials don’t have asbestos? If not, you will be, due to new DEQ requirements. Sid Carter from Advantage Environmental will be explaining the new guidelines and how we must comply when we haul our remodeling, or carpet, or vinyl, or sheetrock, or…. to the dump.