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President's Letter

Sue Denfeld, CCRA President

Your CCRA Board has come up with a GREAT idea! For the past 15 months, we have not been able to have dinner meetings so the cost ($28/attendee) to each of us has been put aside. It would really help the WLA’s PAC and YOU to consider donating this amount monthly to the WLA’s PAC. It is so EASY to do! Just make your contributions through PayPal and CCRA will complete your transaction. See also page 8 of this newsletter for the links to donate.

WLA’s PAC continues to fight for your rights as a landlord, and for real solutions to the housing issues our state faces. Our cause as an organization is being challenged by a strong current of anti-landlord rhetoric. WLA’s PAC is our best opportunity to change this climate by educating legislatures on understanding what it means to be a landlord.

Rental Housing Coalition is how you get your voice heard!

Please continue to tell your story about how you have been affected by Governor Jay Inslee’s Eviction Moratorium Order.  Your voices have been heard and have successfully made changes to bills SB 5160 and HB 1236.  This would never have happened if YOU had not taken the time and stayed persistent in being heard. The changes were successful because of YOU!!

Due to the significant number of CRITICAL CHANGES that have resulted from new laws passed by the 2021 legislature, the CCRA Board has decided to remove the forms that are or will likely be impacted by SB 5160 and HB 1236. There are conflicts and confusion between these two bills and the Governor’s proclamation 20-19.6.

This is especially concerning since HB 1236 has just been signed by the Governor on May 10.

The CCRA Board is concerned in the current industry atmosphere that use of a form containing errors could result in a significant penalty. Our attorneys will be reviewing these forms to ensure full compliance with the new laws. As this review is completed, the new forms will be uploaded for your use. Due to contradictions with the Governor’s proclamation, some forms may not be available until shortly prior to the end of the proclamation.

Hang in there!

Governor Inslee’s Moratorium is nearing the end.  We will certainly have additional issues to deal with and your CCRA Board will be here working to keep you informed timely.  Please give a shout-out to let them know that you appreciate their hard work.

Stay Safe and Healthy!!