President's Message

Do your homework!

What a BUSY month!! We met Senator Annette Cleveland at a fundraiser one evening. Quite a few people were there from both sides. We learned a lot about her position on a variety of issues. Mainly, I was there to THANK her on stopping Rent Control. She’s a supporter of our causes.

We also met with Senator Mark Mullet last week who is running for Governor. He’s another moderate Democrat who is totally against Rent Control. He’s also a business owner of a BEN & JERRY’s franchise and ZEEKS Pizza. He experiences firsthand the consequences of bad legislation (Capital Gains, Investments, Property Taxes).

Due to the possible composition of future seats in the Legislature, both the House and Senate could be controlled by ONE party. We need to make sure that we do our homework and understand the position of each candidate that will affect our industry in the future.

Our in-house seminar was attended by 73 members! Great information was provided by Quinn Posner (Legal), Craig Lyons (Criteria), Lyn Ayers (Criteria), Lora Janssen (Support vs. Service Animals), and me (City Council). See the recap on pages 9.

Senator Cleveland was presented an award from CCRA and WLA for her deciding Vote to Stop Rent Control!! She endured a lot of HEAT and derogatory statements from her party to attempt to break her down, but she did her research and stood STRONG in saying NO!

She will be up for reelection this year so please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and vote to keep her in office. We need as many Legislators as possible who are willing to make good decisions and keep our industry in the business of affordable housing! CCRA also donated $1,000 to her campaign because we feel strongly that she will continue to support our industry. We did our homework!

I enjoyed seeing everyone at the seminar, and the networking in member circles was impressive. Everyone was sharing and asking good questions. Please make it a point to attend our next Spring Seminar.

Well, my flight leaves in about 7 hours and 13 minutes (not that I’m counting!) to Phoenix for 10 days of warm weather. But I may have made a mistake because it’s going to be in the high 80s here in Vancouver the next five days. Oh well, didn’t do my homework!

Remember—Be Kind to Others! Stay Safe and Healthy! ◊