President's Message

Welcome Back from the Holidays and Hooray for the New Year of 2023!

The Legislature is now in session!

Just had a long conversation with Erin at the Everett office of WLA. She informed me that they were within days of getting the log-in information out to us. CCRA is sending an encrypted listing of our membership to WLA and when downloaded, we will have the ability to sign up with “Voter Voice.”

An email will go out to all members with the information on how to register. You will also receive the WLA password for their website. No other advocacy platform can match Voter Voice’s record in getting your messages through to legislative officials. Their team manually checks and corrects for undelivered messages, resulting in an unmatched track record of message delivery.

Founded in 2000, Voter Voice was designed to fill a gap in the market for a robust tool that would provide high value to users and keep innovating to meet the needs of modern digital communication. As the market leader, they continue to set the trends and prioritize the features that drive results for you.

Their vision remains simple: Deliver a seamless, powerful platform that helps you inspire Legislatures to act, so you can impact policy through actionable insights.

Your mission is their mission, and Voter Voice remains dedicated to supporting you with the tools that help organization’s excel—today and into the future.

As you can see, this is a tool we all must be a part of to make the Legislatures Hear Our Voice and Issues!! See page 11 of the newsletter for detailed instructions on how to register for Voter Voice through

Now we have still room for those of you that want to participate on February 9th for “Day on the Hill” in Olympia. Just contact me to be added to our list or make your own transportation. We will gather at 9 a.m. in the Capitol Rotunda and receive our fact sheets before we visit the Legislatures.

Please join us! We Need You!

Stay Safe and Healthy and Be Kind to Others! We’re all in this together! ◊