President's Message

Wasn’t that a GREAT presentation by Mark Gjurasic at our last Membership Zoom Meeting? He has been our Lobbyist for many-many years and is doing a Fantastic JOB! Please review the recap in this month’s Newsletter starting on page 8!

You should have received an email recently from me regarding the bills that we are opposing this next Legislative Session, which starts January 8, 2024. Please continue to send the information to your Legislatures and do it repeatedly! They may get the message then on how serious we are on opposing the bills and how it affects our industry!

We will also keep you abreast on what is happening and when we need your voice in Olympia.

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room …

The Holiday Season is here, and you know what that means. That means that renters are going to be focused on family more than their landlords, not that they aren’t always that way, just now it’s more so. For the next couple of months, it will be easy for them to “forget” to pay their rents on-time. Therefore, to keep problems to a minimum, we will need to pay closer attention and act more promptly if a payment is missed.

Elections for new officers will be conducted at this month’s membership zoom meeting on the 28th. The positions up for renewal are President and Secretary. They are two-year terms – with no term limits. Consider volunteering. You will learn a lot about the workings of our industry at the local and state levels. You will also be bringing new ideas into our discussions and contributing to the landlord community.

It’s that time of year again when we are asking our members to renew their membership for 2024. On December 1st your renewal statement will be mailed. For those members that joined in any month other than January we are also requesting the pro-rated dues so that all member dues would become due on January 1st of each year. If you have any questions regarding your pro-rated dues, please contact our Membership Chair at Your renewal can be paid through PayPal on our website.

There are numerous benefits of CCRA membership:
01. Monthly Educational Meetings
02. Monthly Newsletter
03. Educational Programs
04. Rental Forms
05. Officers and Directors
06. Seminars
07. Legislative Presentation
08. Washington Landlord Association Membership
09. Tax Deduction on Membership Dues
10. A United Voice
11. Advertiser Discounts

Be Kind to Others! Stay Safe and Healthy!