We need your help!

Every year, new restrictions, additional taxes & fees are applied to our industry. To protect ourselves as landlords and property managers, we must defend ourselves as efficiently and effectively as possible. And that takes money and involvement at many levels.

The Washington Landlord Association (WLA)  consists of member organizations across the state. A portion of your annual CCRA dues goes to pay our WLA expenses. That money is used strictly for the operation of WLA that includes our two valuable lobbyists in Olympia.

The Political Action Committee (PAC) provides a venue for donations to those legislators who support our industry. WLA and its Lobbyists hold dozens of “appreciation lunches” for legislators who understand and support our industry.

“Last election cycle we met with over 50 lawmakers! We asked them to lunch, educated them on our issues and then handed them a check to help with their campaign. The money you donate to the WLA PAC is used to help build a relationship with our lawmakers and we unashamedly expect them to listen to our side of the issue prior to their voting on these issues.”

“Does this mean that they always vote the way we want? NO! We understand that. We do expect them to allow us into their office and give us a few minutes... Some are not willing to do that. We remember. Next time we do not donate to their re-election bid.”

- (Bill DeWeber, Past President, WAA Times)

Another is to effectively oppose adverse legislation, while introducing legislation beneficial to our industry. You might be wondering why this organization is important to you. That's a good question, and in response we have good answers:

Detrimental bills that were stopped:

  • Rent control
  • Mandatory retrofitting apartments with fire suppression systems
  • Paying interest from tenant deposit accounts
  • Source of income

WLA introduced bills to support our cause:

  • Raising the threshold requiring storage of abandoned property
  • Modification of the law allowing utility liens
  • Clarified meaning of 3-day interpretations

Examples of Bad Bills that WLA Lobbyists Fight Each Year:

  • 90-day no-cause eviction notice
  • Mandatory inspections
  • Vouchers vs. brick & mortar for Section 8 assistance
  • Late fee limitations
  • And more

These are all bills that will hurt us, our industry, tenants, and communities.

WROA PAC provides the planning, contacts, and unified voice to fight them.

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